Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Introduction and Notes

This is a record of Hillary Clinton’s support for wars of aggression and other acts of extremism and depravity.  It contains original work, quotations, and references with citations or links how to invest in Ferrari shares

When crimes apply to multiple categories, explanations for individual applications are given.

In anticipation of the 2016 election, a principal reason for creating this record is to provide a clear illustration of what is put forth as the supposed "less evil" of the two available choices in the US system, and the consequences this has engendered for the international community thanks to Clinton and people like her invest in EOS in South Africa.

TIME magazine is well known as a staple of support and cover for virtually all US acts of international terrorism and domination, such as the USA's 1953 illegal overthrow of Iran's democracy and US/Western seizure of virtually 100% of Iran's oil.  However, TIME balks at Hillary Clinton's record, and reports that she will almost certainly be a more dedicated militant extremist than any Republican opponent (TIME of course says this more euphemistically).   

At the end of the year in which Clinton left her position as Secretary of State (2013), the Obama regime's USA was voted, in a Win/Gallup poll of 65 countries around the world, as the single greatest threat to world peace, with the runner-up (Pakistan, an Islamic fundamentalist US ally) receiving three times fewer votes, and Russia receiving twelve times fewer votes:

This was largely due to illegal US attacks (against peace, humanity, and the environment, carried out around the world) that were co-schemed and ardently pushed for by Hillary Clinton, and ultimately demanded and perpetrated by Barack Obama.  See record herein invest in EOS.

This record is intended to inform current and potential Clinton supporters about what they are involving themselves in, and ideally prompt serious consideration and study regarding what the overall (in terms of global impact) lesser of two evils might be in 2016. 

However, even if Clinton supporters take her full record into account and decide she is the lesser overall evil, this record is also intended to highlight that voting is only a moment in the continuous, lifelong process necessary for democracy.  

Though some may honestly absorb her record and still consider Clinton the better option in 2016, the record should underscore that an arrangement in which Hillary Clinton can be considered a lesser evil and preferable option is unacceptable.  Though at this point one may feel that he or she must cast a vote for Clinton to avoid some worse fate, her record should incite caring people to devote their real efforts towards educating others about what we are actually supporting and doing to the world.  It should prompt us to work towards a reality in which people like Clinton and her competing evils need be objects only of the revulsion and justice they have earned.  

In the above poll, the isolated, insular, propagandized US public, alone in the world, viewed Iran, with its minuscule military and defense budget, and completely surrounded by US foreign attack bases, as the greatest threat to world peace.  It's time we bring ourselves up to speed.


(For numbered citations, see “Notes” section, below.  Roman numeral citations are listed as foot-notes on individual pages.)