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Foreign Donors to Clinton Foundation by Ranking

Ukraine: $10.0 million

England: $8.4

Saudi Arabia: $7.3 million

Germany: $6.7 million

Ireland: $6.5 million

India: $5.0 million

Canada: $4.5 million

Argentina: $2.0 million

United Arab Emirates: $1.4 million

China: $1.3million

Source: Wall Street analysis of Clinton Foundation disclosures


"About 60 American companies that lobbied the US State Department between 2009 and 2013 during Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state also donated more than $26 million to the Clinton Foundation, The Wall Street Journal reported...

The donors include multinational companies like General Electric, Exxon Mobil, and Boeing...

“To a lot of progressive Democrats, Clinton’s ties to corporate America are disturbing,” says Jack Pitney, a politics professor at Claremont McKenna College.

Foreign donors to the Clinton Foundation include the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Australia, Germany and Canada."


Gary Leupp, Professor of History at Tufts University, has compiled an overview of Hillary's thuggery:

"'I urged him to bomb': The Warmongering Record of Hillary Clinton"


Hillary Clinton Confirms Commitment to Democracy by Acknowledging Role in Overthrow of Honduran Democracy

As reported by Al Jazeera, Hillary Clinton now publicly acknowledges her globally isolated role in aiding a terrorist organization in the overthrow of Honduras’s democratically elected president, Manuel Zelaya, in 2009.
Demonstrating her unwavering commitment to democracy and respect for the Honduran people, Clinton says she cemented the terrorist takeover by blocking Zelaya’s attempts to return to his elected post.
The terrorist organization Clinton helped seize power has since carried out mass violence and repression, including forcing down Honduran wages and other such changes desired by Clinton’s corporate backers and associates, who exert force internationally to keep down the costs of foreign labor and resources so they can seize larger percentages of value produced by others.
This Hillary Clinton trademark was described in the 1700s by economist Adam Smith, who, in his scathing critiques of people like Clinton and her friends, expressed what he called the “vile maxim of the masters of mankind: all for ourselves, and nothing for other people.”
Here is a brief look at why Clinton helped overthrow democratically elected Zelaya even though doing so further isolated Clinton from the international community:
“Despite … initial conservative leanings, Zelaya began to criticize powerful, vested interests in the country such as the media and owners of maquiladora sweatshops which produced goods for export in industrial free zones.  Gradually he started to adopt some socially progressive policies.  For example, Zelaya instituted a 60 per cent minimum wage increase which angered the wealthy business community.  The hike in the minimum wage, Zelaya declared, would “force the business oligarchy to start paying what is fair.”  “This is a government of great social transformations, committed to the poor,” he added.  [Big strike one.]  Trade unions celebrated the decision, not surprising given that Honduras is the third poorest country in the hemisphere and 70 per cent of its people live in poverty.  When private business associations announced that they would challenge the government’s wage decree in Honduras’ Supreme Court, Zelaya’s Labor Minister called the critics “greedy exploiters.”  [Strike two.]
In another move that must have raised eyebrows in Washington, Zelaya declared during a meeting of Latin American and Caribbean anti-drug officials that drug consumption should be legalized to halt violence related to smuggling.  In recent years Honduras has been plagued by drug trafficking and so-called maras or street gangs which carry out gruesome beheadings, rapes and eye gouging.  “Instead of pursuing drug traffickers, societies should invest resources in educating drug addicts and curbing their demand,” Zelaya said.”  [Strike three, you're out!]
(Bonus strike four: Zelaya also “scrapped school tuition”.)
Hillary Clinton, of course, disapproves of the idea of being violently overthrown from her own posts because of someone else’s preferences and beliefs.  Thus, in carrying out her various acts of terrorism around the world, she further enunciates her philosophy that there is no law or basic morality, like the golden rule; the weak are simply at the mercy of pirates, who, as Clinton facilitates, plunder to their content.
Apt Pupil
Clinton’s “vile” philosophy and mastery of hypocrisy (demonstrated time and again) were nurtured by her “close friend”, “top informal adviser”, and role model for women everywhere, Madeleine Albright.
Albright was Bill Clinton’s ambassador to the United Nations and then secretary of state.  She was the one who went on national television and said that trying to remove Saddam Hussein from political office was worth executing one child, age five or under, every day for one-thousand-three-hundred-seventy years (i.e. 500,000 children).
This would be an important lesson in hypocrisy for Hillary:
Extremists like Albright often talk about how their claimed political goals are well worth the deaths of other people’s children.
But despite Albright’s willingness to kill hundreds of thousands of other people’s kids, one remains skeptical about whether Albright, who has three children of her own, would have been willing to execute even one of them (let alone herself) to remove Saddam.
If pressed on this, like any good politician, she would change her tune and say that killing the Iraqi kids was actually all a mistake, a big misunderstanding, and so on, and so therefore no, she would not sacrifice even one of her own daughters, let alone all three, let alone herself, to unseat Saddam.
But to say the killing of the five-hundred-thousand kids was a mistake would be a lie.  They were killed by the USA knowingly (and perhaps intentionally – as a goal, not just a known by-product of another goal) over a period of years, as Albright’s statement, actions, and declassified US documents confirm:
When Albright said it was reasonable to kill hundreds of thousands of children to achieve her political goals, it was May, 1996.
Declassified US documents show that in 1991 the US knew the effects that its sanctions and clean-water-supply destruction were having against Iraq; namely, what would obviously happen if any populated area were cut off from the world and its water treatment facilities were bombed: vast swathes of Iraqis, predominantly children and the elderly, were dying.  (Some fringe people, such as the world’s most cited living academic, have had the crazy idea that by cutting Iraq off from the world and destroying its water treatment facilities, the USA intended to kill Iraqi civilians and weaken the population, as the US is documented to have been doing, for example, to Cuba since the 50s, but we can leave that aside.)
Albright was thus in the Clinton regime for eight solid years (starting in 1993) while maintaining and publicly defending the sanctions, the obvious effects of which were known since 1991, before she came into office.  And, true to her word, the sanctions were continued for the approximately five more years she remained in office after her public confession, during which time she made no effort to end the sanctions, thus triply confirming her statement that killing mountains of other people’s kids was worth her stated political goals.
(Albright and the Clintons kept the sanctions going for their entire time in office, ’93 to ’01, for a total of 8 solid years, after the approx. two years under Bush Sr., for a total of 10.  The sanctions were condemned by UN authorities as “genocidal”, but never once denounced by Hillary, despite her enormous platform and influence as first lady of the USA.)
Albright’s predictable evasion about not being willing to sacrifice any children for the sake of removing Hussein would simply further confirm that, as demonstrated, she is extremely willing to kill children for her political goals, just not her children.  She is thus not only one of the worst terrorists in history, but, icing on the cake, a model of hypocrisy.
Thugs like Albright, her star pupil Hillary, and Hillary’s monstrous husband Bill, never sacrifice their own kids for their corporate-linked terrorism, nor will they ever even feel guilty enough to surrender themselves to an international tribunal for trial.
Of course, these are not regular people, but prime examples of the lowest dregs humanity has to offer, or, to use the idiom preferred in the US corporate press, “bad guys”.
US Rap Sheet in Honduras
2009 was not the first time US terrorists tortured Hondurans (with support from Hillary Clinton – see below).
In the 1980s, the USA sent militants from US terrorist training camps into Honduras to torture and execute people.  The US gave “indispensable support to the infamous Battalion 316, which kidnapped, tortured and killed hundreds of citizens, using shock and suffocation devices for interrogation, amongst other techniques.” (William Blum)
The USA “supplied torture equipment, torture manuals, and in both Honduras and the US, taught battalion members methods of psychological and physical torture.”
In an interview with the Baltimore Sun, former “torturer[s] and murderer[s]” for Battalion 316 talked about how they executed prisoners, “nearly suffocated people with rubber masks … attached wires to their genitals and shocked them with electricity … tore off a man’s testicles with a rope.”
“The Americans knew everything we were doing,” said one.
“‘We let [the victims] stay in their own excrement,’ he said … ‘When they were very weak, we would take them to disappear.’”
Their prisoners “always ended up dead.”
One of the terrorists said they targeted a 35 year old graduate student and “stabbed him to death … Then … cut his body to pieces with a machete and buried the pieces in different places along the road”.
Witnesses described some of the men as “cold blooded killers” who “killed because they wanted to.”
One favored torture technique was “to force a prisoner to stand naked on a chair, then to tie a basket to his testicles. As the torturer asked questions, he filled the basket with rocks or corn and swung it back and forth.”
Torture was “always used”.
“[O]ne night, on a dirt road outside Tegucigalpa … a battalion member pushed a prisoner from the car and began stabbing him… After five thrusts, the prisoner was still alive, murmuring what sounded like a prayer.”
One of them men then “pulled a gun and shot the prisoner. They left the body by the roadside.”
“In August 1985, Barrera thrust a knife into the abdomen of Juan Hernandez Dominguez.
‘I did it to earn merit,’ he said.”
When torturing, ”The first thing we would say is that we know your mother, your younger brother, and it’s better you cooperate, because if you don’t, we’re going to bring them in and rape them and torture them and kill them.”
All of the men interviewed said they were trained by the USA, some at secret US-based terrorist training camps thought to be in Texas, where the terrorists were given “everything we needed — food, drink, a swimming pool.”
The US now harbors some members of its Battalion 316 terrorist group.  They live comfortably in South Florida, along with many other notorious terrorists, including the US-backed general who ordered the rape and execution of four US nuns in El Salvador in the 80s.  (US officials and the press only pretend to be shocked and opposed to lurid executions of US citizens when the killings can be used as propaganda to expand US international domination, as demonstrated by the two recent killings of US citizens in an area the US wants to exert more control over, the Middle East.  In contrast, news of the rape and killing of the four nuns was heavily repressed by the US government and corporate press, and one of their killers, a terrorist, is now harbored by the US government.)
A chief reason for US terrorist activities in Honduras in the 1980s was to create a swamp in which the USA could spawn and provide safe haven to more terrorists: the USA’s Contras, which Hillary Clinton strongly supported
The US would soon be convicted by the World Court of international terrorism for sicking its Contras on Nicaragua, and also reprimanded by the Security Council and General Assembly, all of which the USA ignored, instead escalating its terror campaigns.
At that time, the USA also protected illegal narcotics traffickers in Honduras (as well as the US) who were working for the Contras.
Also see this: The per-capita equivalent of the number of Nicaraguans the USA killed (with Hillary Clinton’s support) would be about 2.5 million US citizens, more than all US citizens killed in all US wars combined, including the US civil war.
Robert Barsocchini is a researcher focusing on global force dynamics.  He also writes professionally for the film industry.  Here is his blog.  Also see his free e-book, Whatever it Takes – Hillary Clinton’s Record of Support for War and other Depravities.  Click here to follow Robert and his UK-based colleague, Dean Robinson, on Twitter.
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